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You can even pause a show on one device, and restart watching it on another which is really useful if you want to continue watching a show on the iPad or TV in the bedroom for example.

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Slice View is free but if you want to be able to pause, rewind and record with the DVR service, it costs a bit extra. Check our guide to the best external drive for Mac for some suggestions. Plex is a free home entertainment software that keeps all of your video and media in one place and is popular with users that want an alternative to iTunes or want to stream to other devices such as from Macs to Roku.

You can see a comparison of the different services available below but basically Prime is for those with a US cable subscription and Connect for free-to-air digital channels in the USA and Europe. Extend is the same as Connect with the additional possibility to stream video wirelessly in a format that can be watched on phones and tablets. One thing that shows extra consideration for Mac users is that Elgato EyeTV Hybrid exports recordings directly to iTunes making it easier to keep all your digital recordings in one place.

For European users, there are also some issues to be aware of. There were however some stability issues after prolonged use which required force quitting the EyeTV software in order to get it working again. You can even control your DVR remotely sing Slingbox meaning you can watch your home TV channels anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet. The drawback is that you obviously need either a cable box from your cable provider or a satellite box to receive channels in the first place.

Slingbox then connects to these either by an Ethernet cable or a WiFi connection which it then uses to sling the channels anywhere you want. To watch Slingbox on your Mac, once your Slingbox is connected, you simply go to a URL provided by the Slingbox and you can start watching channels immediately on your Mac. In older versions of the Slingbox M1 and M2 there was a Mac desktop app but that has now been discontinued and no longer needed.

Although it claims to be easy to setup, there are often problems and there seems to be no support. However, as a last resort, if nothing else has worked for you, it is a way to watch TV channels on your Mac. Most TV tuners are more than just receivers nowadays — they allow you to record, edit and share digital or analog TV channels with intelligent Electronic Programming Guides EPGs and provide almost all the benefits of TiVo or cable services.

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Some TV Tuners even come with remote controls and if you connect your Mac to a sound system, you can create a low-cost home entertainment system without even having to buy a TV or subscribe to anything. However, the market for TV tuners on Mac has changed significantly over the past few years and it can be confusing which still work on Mac and which countries they support. In , the market for TV Tuners is now considerably reduced as less users choose to watch TV channels on their Mac, preferring instead to stream movies and TV series from services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime instead.

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Streaming content offers other advantages over TV Tuners too such as the ability to watch content not available in your region by using a VPN on your Mac. To complicate things further, the TV tuner market has become more complex over the past few years with different broadcasting technologies emerging, TV tuners being restricted to specific countries and regions and industry leader ElGato dropping support for TV tuners.

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Diversity Mode. Superb quality recordings. Made for the Mac.

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TV software for Mac. This award-winning TV software enables you to: Watch, pause, and rewind live TV on your Mac Search two weeks of Program Guide listings Set up schedules to record your favourite TV programmes Edit out unwanted content Share recordings with other Macs on the same network. Windows Compatibility. Technical Information. The availability and amount of program information varies depending on the channel. Technical Specifications. Input and Output USB 2.

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