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In this updated section, we try to help you find all types of downloads, links and help to connect your Android device to your PC. Rock Kendall , views. Identify your products and get driver and software updates for your Intel hardware. How to find model name serial number.

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How to install Windows 7 when there is no USB inbox driver support? Customer Service. The easy way to get hold of the electronic components you need!

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We supply components from all manufacturers stock normally no more than 48 hours away foxconn motherboard g41md driver This page contains information about installing the latest Foxconn Motherboard driver downloads using the Foxconn Driver Update Tool. Foxconn Motherboard drivers are tiny programs that enable your Motherboard hardware to communicate with your operating system software. Five Components of Python Unittest Framework. Here you can update AMD drivers and other drivers. If you have questions on what you should download, check the FAQ section, or email Technical Support.

Shell mainly, and some Perl. Not at the moment, but in future: yes How big is your config space Mbytes, of files? For squeeze installations 3. For wheezy debian plain kernel. All servers. Network card drivers for actual servers. Servers for web, mail, scality, proxy, storage, queue and monitoring How do you boot your hosts? Plain Ubuntu Which types of hosts are you installing with fai? Desktop machines, no servers How do you boot your hosts? Institute for Theoretical Physics , University of Cologne Additional comments: We are buying standard hardware with nvidia based graphics adapter not too new so no driver issues occur.

About 50 to We install all our new servers since 2 years with fai. All kind of webservers and application servers frontend and backend for our dc. We have a few standard plattformprofiles we use to install with fai.

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So OS, users, monitoring and some site specific stuff is in place. We use these installed hosts as a start point to install the actual services. For our big platforms we have FAI profiles as well. PXE boot, dhcp server gives hostnames and IPs by preconfigured mac adresses. New Hostname decides which classes fai shoud install. Yes, though we had some trouble with one raid card.

No, it is not volatile enough and only one person is managing changes. So we do not see any need for versioncontrol.

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Only scripts and a few binarys mostly for custom monitoring. Additional comments: Doing the base install of our new servers for our datacenter. From: Steve Jahl, j a h l csail dot mit,edu Date: Fri, 5 Jul How many hosts have you installed using fai? Several hundred Which version of fai are you using? All hosts running linux are being installed with FAI. This ranges from desktops, to the hardware compute nodes in our Openstack cloud and everything in between. We also have a netboot CD for cases where this isn't possible.

We've migrated to Puppet for Ubuntu hosts. From: Harald Staub, firstname. Plain Debian Wheezy 3. Not yet How big is your config space Mbytes, of files? All hardware are recognized, only firmware from non-free is needed for some of them. About a hundred Which version of fai are you using? Vanilla Debian Squeeze kernel Which types of hosts are you installing with fai? Desktops, 5 flavours different hardware and software used How do you boot your hosts?

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Drivers for Intel ethernet cards. Lots of. M and M. Michal Dwuznik is one of my tutors and a de facto happy coworker rather than a teacher, by his own words. Extension to 'nuclear electronics and particle detectors' and 'biometrics' lab is foreseen as well. The future extension of the aforementioned system to include 'electronics' labs will probably bring even more software packages, and many more licensing and security issues At the moment, round about 20 hosts Which version of fai are you using?

Custom 3. The default Debian kernel has a bug with mdadm partitions, which produces a lot of noise in syslog Do you manage your configuration space under version control? Not at the moment, but planed with Puppet How big is your config space Mbytes, of files? Also we have Bacula on the backup side, so that we can in the emergency case reinstall the broken client and push the latest backup back.

Also on the todo list: Use Puppet for the configuration files and create a clone from the whole production environment for testing purposes.

Many since , currently we have about nodes running. Mostly plain Debian kernel, custom kernels for our Lustre servers. Intel 10Gbit Ethernet modules are sometimes too old. We create custom packages with newer modules then. Yes, SVN and Git. The config space for these tools is therefore much larger. Non-profit research institute.

Picture of one cluster From: Sebastien Varrette, first. Beowulf cluster computing nodes How do you boot your hosts? The installation base is quite small yet. But I think it will increase rapidly ;- You have done some quit good work! Round about hosts Which version of fai are you using? Customized 3. X Kernel Which types of hosts are you installing with fai? All type of servers, e. We plan to use puppet in the future. Thanks for your great work! Network Does the default install kernel recognize all your hardware? Yes with Git How big is your config space Mbytes, of files? Online Services, munichx e.

Additional comments: Thanks for the good Software, our team likes it a lot and it makes installations much easier! All necessary for installation. Not yet. Custom build kernel 2. Yes, using Subversion. Energy, EDF S. Plain Debian kernel. Desktops, web server intranet , assorted servers to support software development, build machines. All necessary for the installation Which drivers are missing? Yes, with Git. Mining, Rio Tinto Additional comments: Thanks for the quick reply, and for your excellent software.

bectarenri.tk My team develops software for surface mining automation, we currently use FAI to build hosts to support software development and trial deployments. Around Around host. Everything works fine. Don't know since the FAI server is actually maintained by someone else.

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  • We are using a custom built frontend that uses FAI for installing Linux on the backend side.