The Best Vocoder Plugins:

Ableton has one built in. Here's a tutorial I made on it.

Vocoder VST Plugins: 11 Of The Best in 2018!

I also made a tutorial although I used massive for the carrier signal synth sound as you called it. Heres a song I made recently using this technique. This may well be the one that Madeon is using in that song, because he was praising it on the IL forums around that time. I would highly advice against a Talkbox due to the bacterial infection I received from utilising one.

I tried installing this, but the whole package downloaded in a matter of seconds and all it did was open up terminal for me when I tried to open it. Any suggestions?

Free vocoder vst

The one built in to ableton is actually pretty useful. It's not anything groundbreaking but for the basics and above its all I've had to use. Download: Spitfire Audio: Labs.

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Guitar Rig has been the go-to name in all things amp simulation and guitar FX emulation for years. Guitar Rig 5 Player edition brings some of the functionality of the full program to a free VST download. While limited compared to the Pro version, the Native Instruments Factory Selection library makes a powerful tool for guitarists lacking in hardware.

Free VST Voice Synth - "Alter Ego" Review

Even non-guitarists will find this plugin perfect for making screaming synths and dirty sounding drums. Download: Guitar Rig 5 Player. The CamelCrusher plugin is known and loved by producers with good reason. A deceptively simple combination of distortion, compression, and filtering add up to some meaty results. Camel Audio stopped distributing CamelCrusher after Apple acquired them, but the original version of the plugin is still freely available from third party VST sites.

Download: CamelCrusher. Free, simple, and almost universally loved, the TAL Reverb 4 is a great free plugin to give your sound some space. Based on the classic sound of vintage reverb units, it is capable of a lot more than its simple interface suggests.

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Download: TAL Reverb 4. Glitchmachines make VST plugins and packs for those who love modern, sci-fi sounds.

Vocov Software vocoder

Hysteresis is a delay unit with a difference. Its primary design is to take any input sound and morph it in a variety of crazy ways—often leaving sounding radically different to the source sound. While this VST will primarily be of interest to electronic music producers, the plugin can also be tamed to give more standard delay effects too. As with all of Glitchmachines VSTs, things get really interesting when you spend a little time in their documentation learning superuser tricks.

Download: Glitchmachines Hysteresis. Illformed also known as DBlue is a name many producers know well. The Glitch VST does precisely as its name suggests. It takes your sounds and glitches them in a variety of mind-melting ways. Sounds get reversed, reshuffled, bitcrushed, and repitched, along with many other controllable presets.

Glitch 2 is now available, though Illformed still offers Glitch 1. Vocoders have gone from fringe devices used in experimental music to mainstream instruments used in hit songs. By adding a variety of effects and resonators, the Vocoder Extreme can be used as an instrument in its own right.

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Download: 4ormulator Vocoder Extreme. Read More.

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Free VST Plugins: The Best Vocoder Plug-in Effects

Reaplugs contains powerful compression and EQ tools, along with some unique ideas. Read More , then you can use these plugins to improve your sound quality. If you have a reason to learn JavaScript, these five excellent courses from Udemy could be the place to begin your coding journey. Read More and looking for practice, then the ReaJS plugin allows you to create new sounds using code.

There are many free VST mastering plugins, modeling old analog sounds to give that final mesh and punch to tracks.